About the School

Success has many colours Helping you find & nurture yours

Cambridge Heights School, Sagar runs under the aegis of Gyanveer Sewa Samiti trust. As a responsible body we are foraying in the field of quality school education after establishing the *Gyanveer Institute* our renewed place in the Central India in the field of education. The society is established by a team of educationist and managed under the blessing hands of Mrs. Savita Singh Rajput and able leadering of Mr. Govind Singh Rajput and Mr. Aditya Singh Rajput.

We at Cambridge Heights, Sagar believe that our mentors use different pedagogy and effective methodology of education to nurture the students in all aspects of life with the help of skill based and practical education we flourish our kids, and transform into good human beings and well prepared for the challenges of a changing world dynamics.

The curriculum of Cambridge Heights offers a judicious mix of national & global of CBSE New Delhi.

Cambridge Heights set in a spacious campus. The School is divided into 2 sections Junior (2.5 to 5 year) including the Playgroup to Kindergarten. In the senior (6 to 13 yrs) outstanding, teaching good facilities make the school one of the best in the city. The school equips its students with all the necessary skills required to explore the opportunity of the present & face the challenges of the future with confidence.

Along with the academics we offer our students a vide variety of co-curricular, programmes designed to ensure equal opportunity to all to participate.
The School environment will encourage pupils to provide the complete learning atmosphere and encourage the potential students flexible and adaptable being able to participate effectively as an individual or as part of a team confident in applying the knowledge and skills they acquire in different situation.

Our mission is to link the students to the real world giving learning purpose enriched learning experiences. Be a creative innovative & logical thinker.

Our Philosophy

  • Our objective is to move our students to be a unique child who will excel in a diverse multi-cultural society.
  • To promote creativity research among the students emphasizing quality education.
  • To assure that the inherent ability is nurtured by the overall development of the children.
  • To create an environment where children will respect the diversity of language, custom, religious & culture.
  • Committed towards the highest standard of education and making students are responsible citizen.
  • To provide a comprehensive environment that aids development and build member of the society.
  • Nurture - Discover value & nurture the individual area of excellence
  • Discipline - Practice self discipline, be organized & lead a Discipline healthy & balanced life.
  • Learner - Take responsibility for learning, develop intellectual Learner curiosity & become lifelong learners.
  • Integrity - Adhering principle & righteousness
  • Learner - Imbibe strong ethics, rational decision, making and Learner leadership with a sense of team work.
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