From Principal’s Desk

“Together we can and we will make a difference.”

All children are uniquely gifted-mentally, physically and spiritually. Unfortunately education is presented in a 'one size fits all' Package. The best learning opportunity takes place in a setting where each child is well known and every child's individual process within a school year can be measured and celebrated.
At Cambridge Heights School the child is the nucleolus of the entire teaching learning process. Here the teacher is a facilitator & an equal partner in the entire journey of a child's quest for knowledge . It is our endeavour to transform students in such a way that they are physically fit, mentally resilient, morally strong and spiritually sound. We believe that these are the necessary preconditions for any child's all rounded growth. I have every hope and belief that the Cambridge is going to become a premier school of its kind in this part of society.
The ionic set up comprises small learning communication with outdoor learning zones instead of traditional four walled classrooms so that each child moves freely and feels secure. We ensure that our students to get the best facilities and freedom which we understand is important to bring ease in learning.
Hemant Khare
(Vice Principal)